About Us

Introducing Andorrah, a registered hair and beauty company based in vibrant Vietnam, Southeast Asia. Our commitment extends beyond borders as we source the highest quality raw hair from Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and India, ensuring an unparalleled hair experience.

Designed for the international market, our prices are both competitive and accessible, making us the ideal choice for wholesalers. We extend a special invitation to ambitious drop shippers and those seeking a reliable hair supplier.

We understand that your journey with hair extends beyond aesthetics
- it's about confidence, quality and self-expression. Andorrah is not just a destination for hair; it's an immersive experience tailored to you. From our customer service to our packaging, we prioritize your satisfaction, ensuring that every interaction with Andorrah is a journey in itself.

Exclusive Services, Enduring Quality:
What sets us apart goes beyond the strands - it's our commitment to providing services that go above and beyond. Imagine a 5-year warranty on each hair - a testament to our confidence in the enduring quality of our products. After two years, return to our factory, and we'll transform your hair, making it bone-straight or recurling it, all at a nominal fee.

Andorrah is more than a brand; it's a promise. A promise of premium quality, a promise of an unmatched experience, and a promise to be with you on every step of your hair journey. Elevate your business with Andorrah-where premium quality meets unwavering excellence.