Eligibility Criteria - Andorrah Sales Associate Program

Eligibility Criteria - Andorrah Sales Associate Program

To uphold the standards of our brand and establish a successful partnership, Andorrah has established the following eligibility criteria for individuals or businesses applying to become Sales Associates:

1. Business Legitimacy:
  • Sales Associates must operate a legitimate and legal business. This includes having all necessary licenses, permits, and registrations required to conduct business in their respective locations.

2. Sales Experience:
  • Sales Associates should demonstrate a proven track record of successful sales experience, preferably in the hair or beauty industry. Previous sales achievements and a history of building client relationships will be considered positively, Including an understanding of the hair and beauty industry

3. Supply Chain Transparency:
  • Demonstrated transparency in the supply chain is imperative. Sales Associates should provide comprehensive information about their sourcing practices, ensuring alignment with Andorrah's commitment to ethical and responsible business practices.

4. Company Account Statement and Registration:
  • Sales Associates must submit their company account statements and registration documents for thorough verification and auditing purposes. This ensures transparency, financial stability and compliance with the program's eligibility criteria.

5. Professionalism:
  • Maintaining a high level of professionalism is crucial. Sales Associates should present themselves in a manner that reflects positively on Andorrah, exhibiting excellent communication skills and business etiquette, representing Andorrah's products accurately and ethically is crucial for a successful partnership.

6. Years in the Business:
  • A minimum number of years in the hair or beauty industry is required. Sales Associates should have a proven track record and industry experience to ensure a solid foundation for successful collaboration.

7. Revenue in Those Years:
  • Sales Associates should provide details about their revenue over the specified years, demonstrating financial stability and a capacity for sustained business growth.

8. Ethical Business Practices:
  • Sales Associates must adhere to ethical business practices, including honesty, integrity, and transparency. Any deceptive or misleading practices will result in the termination of the partnership.

9. Brand Alignment:
  • A commitment to aligning with Andorrah's brand values and maintaining the brand image is imperative. Sales Associates should present Andorrah's products in a positive light and refrain from engaging in any activities that may tarnish the brand's reputation.

10. Compliance with Policies:
  • Sales Associates are required to comply with Andorrah's Sales Associate Program policies, including product representations, and any other guidelines provided by Andorrah.

11. Exclusive Sales Territories:
  • Andorrah may assign exclusive sales territories to certain Sales Associates. Sales Associates should respect these territories and refrain from engaging in business activities that encroach on others' designated areas.

12. Penalties for Non-Compliance:
  • Any deviation from the eligibility criteria or program policies may result in penalties, including but not limited to reduced commissions, temporary suspension, or termination of the partnership.
Andorrah reserves the right to review and assess Sales Associates based on these comprehensive criteria. Adherence to these requirements ensures a positive and mutually beneficial partnership. If you believe you meet these criteria and wish to become an Andorrah Sales Associate, please contact us at [salesassociate@andorrahpartner.com] for further information on the application process.